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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  April 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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hours ago and the meaning crackdown also taking place. and the second mass shooting at fort hood in less than five years, what we now know about the killer and the three people who are fighting for their lives this morning. we are live in san francisco where rats are becoming a problem in one neighborhood, we will tell you which area, and hear what one neighbor has to say about it. and the leyland yee case has police on high alert in one san francisco neighborhood, the crime worries in the wake of the reason arrests. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. thank you for joining us, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave, we have a lot of high clouds over us and more
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clouds to the north along with patchy low clouds partly cloudy skies in the morning here, no doubt about it, we will go for a high of 66 and those clouds will be on the increase later today. it looks more terrible than it looks. look for a lot of cloud coverage and probably late tomorrow, it looks weak and this system will fall apart and there will not be much but it is definitely skipping and patchy fog as well. we have a week of rain, 60s on the temperatures, here is sal. it is getting more crowded all over the place, one is at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see traffic is beginning to slow down and it looks like they are on and the
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fact that they just got more on traffic is going to be slow coming to the toll plaza and this is await ago toll plaza and this is the jerry sandusky bridge in case you want to do that instead and we have been looking at contra costa where some of the earliest slow traffic begins and it is there on highway 4 in the construction zone and they are now beginning to get slow on the willow pass grade coming into concord. drive times are coming from westbound 580 to 680 and then from high street to 985 minutes and if you are taking bart caltrans munis no delay, let's go back to the desk. three people are fighting for their lives. they plea of it was the act of one man and is not a
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terroristic attack. the shooter is identified as army specialist ivan lopez. he used a semicaliber automatic gun and killed several people and wounded 16 others and then killed himself. several departments including the fbi is investigating. >> we know these families and their incredible service to our country and the incredible things they do for us. >> his wife went hysterical when she heard he was the gunman. he was being treated for depression. we have seen it too many times, drivers getting hurt because they are distracted behind the wheel. april is distracted driving awareness month.
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brian flores is in hayward with some of what they will be doing to get us all to stop, brian? >> we talked about this a lot and i have just simply lost count on how many stories i have done on people getting seriously hurt or killed because they were driving distracted or basically doing anything besides driving behind the wheel but as you mentioned, today is distracted driver awareness month and seriously this could not come any sooner. now as sal mentioned just moments ago, as it came, the driver ad mid-edly -- admittedly admitted to distracted driving but did not suffer any major injuries. our crew asked for a comment
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but she declined and quite frankly she is lucky to be a lookive. this -- lucky to be alive. nicholas was looking for his cell phone and high on marijuana when he didn't see the car in front of him that crashed and killed a woman, a well loved instructor and also her mother-in-law, sharon as they were on their way to celebrate a birthday many places like petaluma, passive pacifica and santa rosa, crackdowns like these cut down distracted driving in half and will probably safe countless lives as well. live in hayward ktvu channel 2 morning news. chp office in sacramento county is now investigating am
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tragic crash. the men of the suspects led them on a high-speed chase that began in auburn and ended with a deadly crash in antelope. two were hurt during the chase and suspects are expected to face charges once they are released from the hospital. we have breaking news now coming in from from east san jose. police are trying to piece together a deadly puzzle after somebody found a scene and i know you just spoke to the police about this disturbing discovery. >> we are here where there is a heavy police preps and when we
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arrived -- police presence and when we arrived we saw some tape where they want to block off the investigation. here is what we know. >> reporter: sources have been able to confirm to me it is about 5:30 this morning a 911 call came in and it was a report of a man being found shot in his car. we are not sure how long he had been inside there, but i have been able to confirm through my sources that, that man is now dead. right now we are trying to find out if homicide detectives will comes out here and if it was a self inflicted wound or no if there is was a heavy police presence and they are leaning that way and they are believing
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we will be staying on top of this, but again we will continue to update and waiting for a police officer to come talk with us but as soon as they do come, we will bring it to you live, ktvu channel 2 morning news. former school board president keith jackson is due in court this morning and they are finding out if he can be released on bail. it is related to state senator legal land yeah -- leyland yee and he is also accused of drug dealing, gun trafficking and murder for higher. he should not be released from cusszy and jackson should be released because he has no criminal record and no history
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of violence. and now another man part of that same investigation, raymond shrimp boy chow was appointed a lawyer and ciao is going to court for a detention hearing. he is accused of several crimes including money laundering and drug trafficking. leyland yee hired a new lawyer against the gun trafficking charge he is when he was first caught in practice. the change was leyland yee's decision and there was no conflict. he is due back in court for an arrangement next tuesday. san francisco's next tuesday is there for the leyland yee case.
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they fear retaliation after raymond shrimp boy chow was arrested. >> it can be a personal thing, it can be somebody trying to get power. >> they have violets up control and it is dealing with an invasion of rats. we told you about rats being seen in the market district and they are now popping up in a new area. joining us live, you saw them up close just a little while ago, it a. we were not sure and i have been walking around and he actually ventured looking for some rats as well as their
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boroughs because this is a panly when the rats come out. low and be hold look at what we found, two rats mating breeding adding to the rats problem and it has gotten worse lately and late last year they were spotted in the south market and came out to the open during to the construction of the subway system and now they are here. room we have bushes and they were going document and and the only complaints they had were to treat and beat the area. >> reporter: if you spot any of the little creatures, you can call 311. we tried it and you can get a live person and they referred
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us to the department of public health. we want to let you went way we can help you curb the rat problem. 6:11 is the time, new details on the stabbing and the reason the teen's friends are now being charged even though the prosecutor said none of them did the actual killing. annapolising airlines malaysia plane and now they are turning to the food served to the passengers. good morning, now we are looking at a commute and it still looks good in san francisco and coming up we will show you what it looks like getting into the city from the east bay. after a couple of days, we are done with cloud cover and we will ask if this system will bring us any problems? good morning nelly! woah.
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. the focus has now turned to the food and they are questioning the company that provided the food to see if it could have been poisoned and they are also looking into the cargo and they may never know why the plane vanish under more than three weeks ago over the indian ocean.
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a dangerous new drug sent one student to the hospital. a student had a seizure after overdosing and there was an ls d combined want a federal problem. and the city of oakland has spent $74 million settling excessive lawsuits. oakland police beat since the city settled more than 430 excessive force lawsuits in 1990 and they were named in those lawsuits and many were making no come m and his
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findings. >> police say they only have 29 qualified recruits following an upcoming slot from an earlier academy class. many police officers say pay cuts and lower numbers are to blame for the lower commute. members. >> we don't have the common sayings giving new benefits to new employees. they have propose sad changing some terms of measure b making it possible for them to hire new recruits. nasa said they are cutting ties all because of the russian take over they are trying to get
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supplies to the international space station and that will continue and astronauts will still train at the russian space agencies and nasa adds they are working to replace them with private u.s. companies by the year 2017. and giving some tweets about the rat video, the rats look like they might be dancing out there. >> who knows what they are doing. we couldn't speak to the rats, they were busy. >> but they are happy. >> if you want to know more about to the facebook page, it is there. and all right, everybody, let's look at what we have, traffic is doing okay and more people are on the road and it is getting busy in richmond as well and we don't have a slot stop and go traffic. this is about a 20 minute drive time in san francisco in most
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of the lanes and you have to wait for metering lights as well. the roadwork is done and it will still be slow as we move to 7880 still who looks good and highway 25 also 6 and then caltrans and muni are doing okay. now let's go to steve, mostly cloudy out there, not a lot of high clouds and it is a well organized system and it goes parallel and falls apart and still there is a possibility of some light rain and cloudy skies after it, if it even makes it, 70s and up every 70s
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but i am here to reinforce it as well. there you go. today san francisco today 57 and it goes for a high of 53 and so more cloud cover to the north and a lot of clouds over us and most are saying mostly cloudy and they are right at 50 degrees and i want to show you what is going on because there is a lot going on spring time at st. louis and chicago, a foot of snow is forecasted for the snow and you can see the snow there and the look of the line is going through st. louis. it is really impressive and it
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is all headed towards the west. for us we have a lot of high clouds, up in ukiah, up in sacramento and clouds are definitely holding up. if not we would be in the 40s and that will enhance a little bit of the trays it will and a lot of high clouds and the pressure looks like it changes. patchy clouds and upper gilroy, light rain if it makes it and then it clears out on taps sunday and monday. microsoft makes it easier to win wherever they are so they are giving away windows
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they hope they will connect to the money making services and microsoft played the announcement at the developer's conference in san francisco. taking steps to let you keep selling electric cars to buyers. and they want the court to overturn a new jersey designificants for tealers and it letter also. and we are getting new pictures from the damage of tuesday's deadly earthquake. thanks to call northern why earthquakes, we know why zebras have stripes and how the
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findings could impact your wardrobe.
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. this morning investigators are trying to identify -- the zebra story we will get to that in just a minute, but investigators are trying to identify the 29 people killed in the landslide in washington
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and medical he medical examiner's are trying to identify remains of a man with gold teeth. they canoes dna analysis for for identification. and those burned in the rim fire, that fire burned 77 acres of parkland but the hiking trails around the reservoir. there toll then. some california scientists may finally have figured out why zebras may have stripes. zebras evolved to scare off
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flies and scientistels say for some reason they don't like the land on black and white stripes and more biting flies on the region, the more stripes on the animals. >> wherever you are annoyed for long periods of the year by these biting flies, then you involve sometimes. if you wear some striped closing being bitten by flies but the material may change the affectiveness of those stripes. jorge and islam both a ticket on harder road in hayward and they matched 5 of the six numbers but missed the power ball. cracking down on distracted driving but the crash just a
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few hours ago, this is a perfect example of what officers are trying to prevent. and a heavy police presence in this neighborhood after police made a shocking discovery . a man is found dead we will have the latest in a report. we will tell you what the drive time is and what the approach is like. >> mostly cloudy, some high clouds and will we get anymore rain and there is a system offshore and we'll see if the system makes it.
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. well, good morning, we are in san jose and a lot of police
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activity, there is janine de la vega, we told you a man was found shot to death this morning and janine de la vega was there and spoke to a neighbor and has all the details and she will be on camera in just two minutes, stay tuned for that. >> thank you for joining us, a brand-new day, it is thursday, and let's check in with steve. we are looking at the weekend and it looks like summer. >> by sunday and monday, that is correct, pamela. yes, you are listening. >> yes, i am. >> for those of you in denver, yes there are four inches of snow and we do have a lot of high clouds and not much else. some patchy low clouds, cool this morning, i won't say cold but it is cool. mostly cloudy and san jose going for 65 and then clouds will continue to increase and
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higher clouds on the reach and we had some 0 lower 40s and that would be the key, it looks like the system will here is a part and it would not be until late tomorrow so in that timeframe maybe light rain and low-to-mid 60s, here is sal. we are looking at new crash that i just got in so we will put it in the lineup so just go in to highway 4 and it's bay point into concord and you are going to see slow traffic throughout the area and it's also going to be slow traffic for interstate 880. this is about a 15 manipulate drove team so i am waiting for
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that time. north 101, this crash is relative live well and i am going to circle it here. i want to use this circle, there you go, northbound 101 and you might want to think about using 280 and 85, it is looking better and we will keep on top of this crash for you. 6:32 let's go back to the desk. east san jose, they are trying to peace together -- piece together a deadly puzzle after somebody shot it down. you are back now you spoke to people who people move it was their relative they found shot in the car and they are saying he was supposed to come home from work and got worried and
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now they are desperately trying to talk to police to try to find out if their loved one was the man who was found dead in the car. our sources say he appears to be in his 20 -- 20s and let's go to some video we took earlier. this was close to 101 and tully and when they arrived they found again, a man found shot in the car and we know it appears the windows were shot out and i spoke to a neighbor who said he heard multiple gunshots from 3:00 a.m. this morning and right now police officers are canvassing the neighborhood to figure out
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what happened here and again, they want to determine who is responsible we will get that to you, reporting live ktvu channel 2 morning news janine de la vega. it is a very unusual homicide case. they are among five suspects facing murder charges even though prosecutors admit none of them did the actual killing. charges come last month but a homeless map kill and was a case of self-defense and they are holding gang members criminally responsible for diaz's death. >> it is not uncommon but
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ultimately under california law when you are responsible for somebody dying, that is where criminality necessary. he arrested him and later agreed he was just protecting himself. new developments in the mass shooting of fort hood army baseman's testimony. they are now looking into the gunman's mental health and history of psychiatric and behavior issues he has been identified as ivan lopez. he proud a semiautomatic whip pop, he shot and killed him and
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we have learned lopez or his his triof mental illness contributed to the shooting. >> they are unreal because in 2009 i was here. it's really unbelievable. >> you can feel the intensity and sense of fear in the area. >> three shooting victims are in critical condition this morning with life-threatening injuries. we will hear from a neighbor pat and and 'army major shot and killed testimony 2 others.
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we have dean -- 32 others. we have seen it too many times because they are distracted while they drive. aim is distracted driving awareness month. joining us live they are here to tell us what law enforcement agencies will be doing to get you to stop. good morning, brian. >> we are all affected by this weather and you are the person behind this wheel and you are the person or riding a bike wwhich is why they are be it distracted driving month. take a loan at this. this is what sale mention. the she admitted she was
6:39 am
distracted distracted and it am peers there was lots of dam especially to the driver's side and she did not suffer any major injuries and she declined to comment as she was too embarrassed about what happened and quite frankly she is lucky to be alive and as we have seen, not everyone gets a second chance. nicholas was allegedly looking for his cell phone and high on marlborough when he -- high on marijuana when he didn't see the car in front of him. a well loved santa rosa music team ear and they were on they are way to celebrate her birthday and many lou enforcement agencies will be
6:40 am
held and petaluma what, especially be aware on the road, more than 3300 people nationwide were killed from am drives who were distracted. those couldn't as oop and tonight. it started late tuesday night just off highway 12 in sonoma county police said he died after several rounds of tear gas and it is still not clear if he died from taking his own life or from police fun fire. he was fired at during the standoff. police in san leandro is still searching for two men during a frightening home
6:41 am
invasion. the victims said he rap sandinged the the house. it looks like they will be looking for a new city administrator again. fred blackwell is leaving to take a new job as a ceo of the san francisco foundation. it is a philanthropic organization and he will replace santana who left after three years as the city administrator. she is hadn'tpy for blackwell -- happy for blackwell and this is a great opportunity for him. and a new report that says san francisco mayor who traveled paid for by private
6:42 am
owners and found stations among the trips to paris with his wife, a $22,000 trip to china and south korea, and a 19,000 dollars trip to korea again with his wife. smarming outrage the reason of driver is going so fast. they are becoming agreeing problem and we will tell you why and where health officials tell you why they are here and why rats chased her down the street. right now we are looking at a commute which is getting busier by the moment. as you can see 237 is slowing down and we will tell you what other parts of the valley
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looked like. am the higher clouds, did they leave any rain? [doorbell rings]
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bulldog: to train service dogs gfor people with disabilities.y we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people . welcome back, time now, 6:45 just an hour ago a mag student 5.1 and 4.5 hit the coast of chile and yesterday, it shook buildings and sent people running out on to the
6:46 am
streets and sent out tsunami warnings, this came after they killed at least 6:00 people in chile and take a look at the earthquake damage, this is just incredible. it split a road open and it caused a state of emergency to be declared on chile's northern coast and about 2500 homes and businesses there have been damaged. well, if you tuned into our newscast you probably saw rats running around the san francisco park because of the new subway system. here with pictures and stories of rats running around and chasing people. >> all right, pam so a rat walks in to a bar and we actually spoke to somebody who said they are so aggressive and they don't runaway from you when they see you, they
6:47 am
actually chase you. we actually caught them mating this is before our live shot and it is a pretty incredible show of it and in the wake of the construction project and it seems they have my graded to north beach and they do not have a rat problem at their store but the granddaughter said she actually had rats chasing her. >> i could not get out of my car, there were three rats outside this big and miami mom and my -- me my mom and my sister were afraid to get out of the car and we looked so ridiculous but i was scared. >> now the department of public health said they have then da
6:48 am
-- sent them top help with the rats and one of them is about to be interviewed and he has made numerous complaints to the city but nothing is changed. if you can spot this, we do have a person but we have not heard back yet and i will let you know what they have to say. live in san francisco, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. all right, tara, let's check in to see what is coming up on mornings on 2. coming up in about ten minutes, the affordable care act goes underway and they all had negative experiences and that upset jackie spear and we will tell you what she has done to change that. >> you know 20 years with dogs
6:49 am
and all that [inaudible] >> attention as family is convinced they have found a mythical cite to your known to suck the blood out of cattle and we will tell you why biologists are september tall. now back to you on the morning news. >> people are getting on the road trying to get their morning started and you can see if this is going to be your commute and we will show you it is slowing down in pittsburgh and pittsburgh in bay point on the way to concord and there is a couple of spots there where you will be slowing down and the drive times will be elevated also on southbound 880 from 238 down to fremont, that
6:50 am
is less than what you say. live from the bay bridge toll place do drive. of course it is much less if you are driving in the carpool lane. and get ago little bit slow, not in downtown san jose just yet. let's go to steve. i do believe, a lot of high clouds over us and we will start off mostly cloudy here, kind much keep it that way as a weak system is approaching we might bump those highs up because we have one more in the old weather pipeline and this part of the system is mainly the key and they are in advance of it and it looks like it is going to fall apart and we will mention it, it is more likely drizzle being, kings of slow
6:51 am
and highp and it will hold areas like santa rosa, and we start off with 51 degrees mostly cloudy skies, closer to the bay we have some low cloud desk we have a springtime pattern from chicago to the north of that we have 6 inches of snow and for us we have a lot of cloud cover, 40s in ukiah, 40s in sacramento, a
6:52 am
little spin in the atmosphere which is why i am holding on to this system overall looks for more show and go and there is not a lot except for higher clouds with a kings gives us more supplement and we have 626 santa rosa 26 in oakland and towards oakland hill morgan hill gilroy on the peninsular a lot of mid-60s and very light rain or drizzle and the weekend is looking good especially sunday and into early next week. sunnyvale is cutting jobs. the networking development will eliminate part of its workforce and most of the jobs being cut are in middleman and.
6:53 am
. they are trying to focus on hiring. it has job opening in san jose, pleasanton and san are home month topp testimony should take on 3,000 workers so let your friends know in other parts of the country. some good news, believe it or not, the milestone and this is a positive one reached last month and it has not happened in seven years. >> she slipped and fell down a 700-foot ravine. a woman was trapped in mill valley.
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. well, there it is, the opening bell this morning rang in another day in record territory once again started the day 1891 and right now s&p 500 is up a bit at 1892 and the dow jones industrial average opened just three points below it's all time high and some of us are being warned some are due for a correction.
6:57 am
a dog walker was rescued after falling down an embankment . a steep ravine on fire road. resident -- rescue crews were able to find her, one of her clients collected the 6 dogs she had been walking. they were finding out they secretly created a twitter like text messaging service to stir up interest. they didn't know it was backed by the u.s. government and the program ended in 2012 when it ran out of money. a bay area lawmaker has a plan to protect consumers from what happened like the one at target. he wants to require businesses
6:58 am
and shoppers we spoke to welcomed the proposal. >> it happens more often. >> i think it's time. yeah, i think we need something to protect us definitely. >> now some consumers worry that retailers will get around the retirement but they say that is why it includes fines up to $3,000 for every violation. time now, coming up on mornings on 2, a grizzly discovery in a residential neighborhood, and a recent crime trend in the south bay. and searching for answers after a second deadly shooting,
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